My passion is to use the creative forces of collaboration to unleash the potential that lies within both the individuals and organizations that I work with.  Having a Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology, I have acquired the skills to both identify the constraints to development and in turn, develop and implement programs to increase both results and the satisfaction in achieving them.

I have a vision of self-sustainable system that operates to constantly develop people and the business. By self-sustainable I mean business that is constantly growing, fully utilizing and developing its potential with least possible long term dependency on any person, resource or surrounding situation. Much like a person that is with healthy immune system physically and mentally, with developed cognitive and adaptability abilities growing up to become intelligent, independent and successful adult.

My journey of building better organizations started as a teenager in the family businesses first learning and assisting then eventually becoming a director of a restaurant and plant manager of a metal fabrication factory.  These small business experiences allowed the challenges of being an entrepreneur to become the foundation of my business education.  To expand my understanding in assessment within organizations I have taken part in several projects and developed various tests and surveys, including Implicit Association test adaptation in Latvia, 360 skills and knowledge assessment for project managers, Personnel development maturity levels survey and various programs impact assessments.

As a continuing student of human behavior in organizations, my learnings and contributions have ranged from my own work as CEO, HR Director as well as engaging organizations as a consultant and trainer.  I have had the privilege of working internationally both in and in between various cultures and industries providing me with a broad perspective and an adaptive skill set.

Leaders of today have an unprecedented imperative to develop a culture in their organization that will foster high employee engagement.  The dynamics of how humans relate to themselves, their teammates and their company are critical to developing this culture.  At the core of this all is psychology; And I’m here to help.

Truly yours,

Ieva Kimonte

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